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Mr.  Sullay  Tafari  Walsh
P.E. and Health Teacher
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I graduated from G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports in 2005 with a Bachelor's Degree

in Secondary Education. Afterwards, I attended The University of West Indies, Mona, where I read for my

Master's Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership. Both tertiary educational institutions are

located in Jamaica, W.I.





Previous Experience: 


I have been in the teaching profession for 13 years. All of my teaching experiences have been in Jamaica at

Southborough Primary, Belmont Park Primary and Mona Heights Primary School; at the former, I spent my last

decade as an educator. I have taught Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Reading and Physical Education. 



Previous Experience: 

I absolutely love teaching; it is my passion and my calling in life. I have been teaching for 13 years. All of my teaching experiences have been in Jamaica at Southborough Primary, Mona Heights Primary and Belmont Park Primary School; at the former I spent my last decade as an educator. I have taught Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Reading and Physical Education. I plan to teach until I retire. My students inspire me, make me laugh, and more often than not, they are the ones who continue to teach me many life lessons! 

Why did you choose this career? 

I enjoy working with children and helping them reach their dreams through their education. I believe every child should be valued and treated with respect. Education is a transformational tool that should empower a child and help him or her make a positive contribution to our world. 

What do you want to accomplish? 

I want my students to come to class each day ready to learn, prepared, focused, and motivated. I want them to enjoy the learning process and to be active participants in the teaching and learning process. I want my students to be respectful to authority, to respect each other and themselves. A respectful and trusting environment allows me to maximize learning opportunities each day. For them to understand that the concepts I am teaching them are meaningful and it is for them to make real life connections, to see the big picture, and for them to understand that they truly are there because they want to make a difference. 

I want my students to be critical thinkers, who desire to understand the process of finding the answer as much as the answer itself. Additionally, I want them to recognize individual strengths and weaknesses and apply their strengths, so that others in class can learn from them and become aware of their own weaknesses and to make a continuous effort to improve upon those weaknesses.


My teaching philosophy is based on respecting differences, tapping into talents, and sharing my love for learning with my students. I believe we all have something to contribute and I learn so much from my students each day. I use a multi-sensory, theme based instruction in the classroom and believe in a consistent, positive and respectful approach to making lasting, meaningful behavior changes.