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Mr.  Alex  Daniel  Black
Social Studies Teacher
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I have a Bachelor’s Degree at Arizona State University.   

I also have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education at the University of Phoenix.


I am beginning my 6th school year as a teacher at Premier High School for the 2019-2020 school year.

Prior to this I had one full year of teaching and 2 full years of substitute teaching.


My name is Mr. Black.  My room number is 115.  I have a Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University and I also have a Master’s Degree in Secondary education at the University of Phoenix.  This is my fifth year at Premier and I am very excited to teach the students here.  

The subjects that I teach are; World history, U.S. History, and Politics and Government. 


I believe in the importance of education in America.  I also believe in the importance of teaching History and Government to students at the High School level.  I believe that these are necessary subjects to learn.  Students need to understand how out country works.  They must also understand how history has shaped the world into what it has become today.  I also believe that these subjects are exciting to learn as well.  I hope you are all in for a fun ride this year.



Feel free to get a hold of me at anytime at 623-245-1500 or at my email address at